Family Law

Print Book with a Download of Forms | Online Book
Effective attorney fee agreements are part of every profitable law practice. Get sample fee agreements and practice commentary for 13 types of matters, plus chapters on ethical requirements, practical issues in fees and billing, and collecting your fees.

Print Book with a Download of Forms | Online Book
Handle your next divorce case effectively. This how-to guide walks you step by step through the stages of a simple or complex divorce case, from initial filing through judgment and postjudgment relief. Includes 130+ forms and checklists.

Print Book with a Download of Forms | Online Book
Popular handbook covering the 22 most common areas of Michigan practice, from real estate to divorce, employment, probate, debt collection, ADR, and more. Each chapter summarizes the law, gives practical guidance, and includes sample forms.

Print Book with a Download of Forms | Online Book
Have the book the judges use. Prepared by ICLE for the SCAO and distributed to all Family Division judges, this book covers all major areas within the jurisdiction of the Family Division from the judge's perspective. Includes practice tips for judges.

Print Book with a Download of Forms | Online Book
If you handle any family law matters in Michigan, you'll want this book. Covers all major areas of practice, including divorce, child custody/parenting time, postjudgment matters, adoption, and child protection. Includes forms, motions, and checklists.

Follow a custody determination from intake through judgment in this online training. Watch a pretrial FOC hearing. See how expert litigators construct briefs, present evidence, draft a judgment, and more. Test your skills with hands-on exercises.

Join your colleagues in this systematic training program developed in cooperation with the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan. Personalize the program to suit your needs and walk away with a Certificate suitable for framing.

Judges and litigators demonstrate hearings in this online training: show-cause, modification (threshold and evidentiary), and move away. Test your skills with hands-on exercises. Get charts on legal standards, challenging judgments, and local practice.

Upcoming Seminars
Live 11/12-13/20
Register for the on-demand event. Get invaluable insight from 11 judges—including Justice Megan K. Cavanagh and Hon. Janice K. Cunningham. Gain strategies for COVID-19 challenges. Prepare for the new child support formula. Improve your drafting.

Live 01/21/21
Learn the best solutions to the range of issues found in child custody disputes using a hypothetical case study as part of this hands-on workshop in the Family Law Certificate Program.

Live 03/18/21
Learn the best solutions to the range of issues found when property is divided during a divorce using a hypothetical case study as part of this hands-on workshop in the Family Law Certificate Program.

On-Demand Seminars
Presented 04/16/19 | On-Demand Seminar
Gain a thorough understanding of issues surrounding adoption, paternity, surrogacy, and assisted reproductive technology. Experts guide you through the maze of law and procedural steps so you can provide thoughtful, sensitive advice.

Presented 07/12/18 | On-Demand Seminar
After a divorce, there is no guarantee the parties will follow the terms of the judgment. You may need to seek relief for your client through the contempt powers of the court.

Presented 01/24/20 | On-Demand Seminar
A team of trained family law experts demonstrate using an interdisciplinary collaborative approach to reach a divorce settlement agreement. Decide whether to incorporate these skills into your practice.

Presented 07/13/20 | On-Demand Seminar
With the discovery rule changes, family law lawyers are using depositions as an important discovery tool in divorce cases. Our experts share strategies for deciding when a deposition makes sense and then demonstrate best practices for handling one.

Presented 02/14/19 | On-Demand Seminar
Postjudgment motions in family law are never simple, and those impacting legal custody issues are no exception. Using a realistic hypothetical, expert lawyers demonstrate how a school change motion can play out before the Friend of the Court referee.

Presented 12/14/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Legalization of same-sex marriage three years ago was a step forward for the LGBT community. However, same-sex couples still encounter unique challenges with divorce settlements and parental rights, which often require the assistance of skilled lawyers.

Presented 04/10/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Clear, comprehensive drafting is essential in family law practice. Learn to craft documents to most effectively represent your clients and get the best results.

Presented 06/04/19 | On-Demand Seminar
Appealing a trial court's decision in a family law matter can carry significant risks and rewards for the client. Seasoned trial and appellate lawyers discuss strategies for seeking review from the court of appeals.

Presented 11/16/18 | Electronic Materials
Network with respected judges, court experts, and peers. Get critical updates and strategies for tax reform, data security, working with schools, and more. Lay the foundation for entering social media and expert evidence.

Presented 11/15/19 | Electronic Materials
Hear insights from 11 Michigan judges. Gain effective strategies for handling discovery reform. Examine addiction’s impact on parenting issues in a new track that covers opioids, gaming, Michigan’s marijuana laws, and more.

Presented 05/14/20 | On-Demand Seminar
Family law practitioners need creative solutions for their clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch two experienced divorce lawyers explain how they are handling parenting time disputes, paying support when unemployed, and domestic violence.

Presented 06/07/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Offer the best representation to your clients by staying on top of the latest family law statutes and cases.

Presented 08/06/19 | On-Demand Seminar
Stay on top of the most recent family law developments so you can offer the best representation to your clients.

Presented 10/30/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Experienced practitioners share their knowledge through real-life, practice-proven approaches. This seminar provides all the essential tools to successfully handle divorce cases.

Presented 03/01/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Experienced litigators from several practice areas share their methods for effectively using expert witnesses and challenging those of the opposing party.

Presented 02/06/20 | On-Demand Seminar
New to family law? Get up to speed on the latest in child custody, support, and parenting time. Experts give you all you need to advise your clients on these complex issues.

Presented 02/13/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Effectively approach property division and spousal support issues and get the best results for your clients with advice from an all-star faculty lineup.

Presented 11/16/18 | On-Demand Seminar
The Howell decision in 2017 changed how military divorce settlements are handled. Make sure you are ready to tackle this as well as other unique aspects of a divorce involving an active duty service member.

Presented 06/30/20 | On-Demand Seminar
Register for this on-demand seminar and learn from leading practitioners how to draft a sound, enforceable agreement; modify the agreement; and skillfully litigate marital agreement disputes.

Presented 08/07/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Crafting a fair divorce settlement requires a thorough consideration of the tax consequences. Our experts discuss the impact of the 2018 tax overhaul and what it means for your clients.

Presented 08/20/19 | On-Demand Seminar
Develop and maintain positive working relationships with family court judges and their staff so you can achieve a good result for your client and avoid pitfalls often encountered by family law attorneys.

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