ICLE | Master Automatic Paragraph Numbering and Styles in MS Word
Master Automatic Paragraph Numbering and Styles in MS Word
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 03/14/24) | CLE: 2.5 | Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Efficiently Format and Fix Tricky Documents

Take full advantage of Word’s power features so you can properly construct and format even the most complex documents.

Follow along with nationally recognized speaker Barron K. Henley as he walks you through a specific progression of steps in a hands-on exercise. Build a set of styles and apply them so the formatting in the document works perfectly. Lawyers and paralegals of all levels will walk away with something new.

You will be able to:

  • Repair and resurrect any document--no matter how bad the starting point
  • Learn what styles are, how they work, and how to control them
  • Build a set of styles to handle all of the formatting required by the subject pleading
  • Attach numbering to the relevant styles that control the rest of the formatting
Available Formats
Attend online at your convenience. Includes individual access to electronic materials for three years. These may include written materials, a PDF of the presentation, and any video or audio recordings.
*The seminar will be taught using the latest version of Word for Windows, but the course materials will also cover previous versions of Word and Word for Mac.
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