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No-Fault Summit, 7th Annual
04/23-24/20, Plymouth
Hear why judges and lawyers agree—you can’t miss this event....
Labor & Employment Law Institute, 45th Annual
04/16-17/20, Plymouth
Hear why Michigan lawyers and HR professionals think it’s worth your time....
On-Demand Seminars
Posted date 02/14/20
Reggie Pacis and Cindy Nuñez run through some immigration issues a business law attorney may encounter....
Posted date 02/06/20
Nancy Welber and Amy Morrissey discuss how the changes brought about by the SECURE Act...
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Gary C. Rogers
Fraser Trebilcock
Gary C. Rogers has been representing creditors seeking recovery in bankruptcy and in collection proceedings for the past 30 years. As a partner in the firm’s personal injury litigation department, he also regularly handles litigation involving serious...
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