Upcoming Seminars

February 2023

02/02/23 Livestream | On-Demand Seminar (Available 02/23/23)
Learn to effectively deal with complex matters unique to older clients, clients with disabilities, and their families. Covers incapacity and powers of attorney, Medicaid and VA benefits, special needs trusts, and guardianships and conservatorships.
Probate & Estate Planning Certificate Program Required Seminar

02/16/23 Livestream | On-Demand Seminar (Available 03/09/23)
Get the latest drafting strategies from the experts and get your forms in tip-top shape. Draft to preserve cottages; effectively draft for disinheritance; protect the estate plan and drafting lawyer; handle digital assets like cryptocurrency; and more.
Probate & Estate Planning Certificate Program Elective Seminar

March 2023

03/02/23 East Lansing
Get insights from local and international IP leaders. Protect brands from counterfeiters in the real world and the metaverse. Grasp differences between the Chinese and U.S. trademark systems. Decide whether to use Europe's Unitary Patent System.

03/09-10/23 Plymouth
Join us in person for critical updates on state and federal regulations, fraud and abuse, and Stark. Examine reimbursement issues—from the basics of getting paid to no-fault law changes. Get the latest thinking on ransomware and cybersecurity.

03/14/23 Livestream | On-Demand Seminar (Available 04/04/23)
Tackle Microsoft Word with this interactive, livestreamed workshop from nationally recognized speaker Barron K. Henley. Fix default settings, proof quickly and accurately, use formatting tools, create tables of content and authorities, and more.

03/21/23 Livestream
Learn the best solutions to the range of issues found when property is divided during a divorce using a hypothetical case study as part of this livestreamed workshop in the Family Law Certificate Program.
Family Law Certificate Program Required Seminar

03/23/23 Livestream
Understand the best solutions to typical issues found in drafting for an estate under $5 million. In this livestreamed workshop, participants work in groups via Zoom to plan and present their solutions to a hypothetical case study.
Probate & Estate Planning Certificate Program Required Seminar

April 2023

04/04/23 Livestream | On-Demand Seminar (Available 04/25/23)
Protect your clients with advice on recent developments from Michigan’s most knowledgeable Medicaid professionals. Gain new planning strategies, improve your drafting, and increase your understanding of complex federal and state regulations.
Probate & Estate Planning Certificate Program Elective Seminar

04/06/23 Livestream | On-Demand Seminar (Available 04/27/23)
Experts guide you through the maze of law and procedural steps so you can provide thoughtful, sensitive advice to clients. Identify key provisions in the adoption code; explain types of surrogacy arrangements; advise clients on paternity issues; and more.
Family Law Certificate Program Elective Seminar

04/13-14/23 Plymouth
Get comprehensive updates on ADA, EEOC, FMLA, and FLSA, plus collective bargaining issues. Hear expert analyses on protected speech, workplace investigations, and cross-cultural communication. For lawyers and HR professionals.

04/27-28/23 Plymouth
Make sense of the ever-changing no-fault landscape—with plaintiff and defense perspectives. Get the latest guidance on practicing under Andary, Medicare issues, litigating catastrophic claims, trial preparation, pleading and defending damages, and more.

May 2023

05/17/23 Acme
Get an in-depth analysis of situations that estate planners commonly face with clients who have large amounts of retirement assets. Learn optimal planning strategies to get the best tax outcomes with the least amount of complexity.
Probate & Estate Planning Certificate Program Elective Seminar

05/18-20/23 Acme or 06/15-16/23 Plymouth
Get caselaw, legislative, and Medicaid updates. Optimize retirement assets planning in light of the SECURE Act. Tackle trustee/personal representative duties with business entities. Save time by automating documents and maximizing PDFs.
Probate & Estate Planning Certificate Program Elective Seminar

05/25/23 Plymouth
Get complete coverage on the latest S corporation revenue procedure for remedying S election issues and in-depth analysis of Michigan tax policy and administration from the state treasurer. Grasp cryptocurrency issues. Comply with FBAR.

July 2023

07/20-22/23 Mackinac Island
Get essential updates in patent, trademark, and copyright law. Hear from USPTO Deputy Director Derrick Brent and federal Judge Kara Stoll. Get up to speed on cultural IP rights, Section 230, Copyright Claims Board proceedings, and more.

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