ICLE | Deposition Skills Workshop
Deposition Skills Workshop
10/27-28/21 Livestream | CLE: 12.25 | Level: Intermediate
Cosponsored by the Litigation Section of the State Bar of Michigan

Master Depositions and Fast-Forward Your Career

Your success with depositions will have the greatest impact on your career as a litigator. In this dynamic, two-day workshop held via Zoom this year, you will practice taking four depositions: plaintiff, defense, fact witness, and expert witness. An all-star faculty of trial lawyers will then give you immediate, personalized feedback—all in a judgment-free environment.

Learn how to ask better questions, employ smarter strategies, and sharpen your witness evaluation skills. Plus, this workshop prepares you to take both in-person and remote depositions. Don’t wait—limited to 48 participants. Advance preparation is required.*

Benefits of Participating:

  • Get personalized feedback from leading litigators in a small-group environment
  • Gain critical skills quickly and conveniently in just two days via Zoom
  • Practice taking depositions of all kinds of witnesses, including experts
  • Apply winning cross-examination techniques
  • Get valuable feedback from actual court reporters during practice depositions
  • Learn to navigate logistical hurdles often encountered with remote depositions
Available Formats
Watch online on a specific date/time via Zoom or other video conferencing platform. May also be recorded and available afterward on demand.
*Spend 3-5 hours before the workshop viewing video demonstrations, reviewing the case file, and preparing for cross-examining the plaintiff and defendant in depositions.

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