Civil Litigation

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Essential reference for new and seasoned litigators. Covers best practices for taking and defending depositions, including expert witness depositions. Includes solutions for numerous "what if" scenarios and sample deposition outlines to help you prepare.

Print Book with a Download of Forms | Online Book
Effective attorney fee agreements are part of every profitable law practice. Get sample fee agreements and practice commentary for 13 types of matters, plus chapters on ethical requirements, practical issues in fees and billing, and collecting your fees.

Online Book
Know that you always have the current rules and latest cases with this continually updated online resource. Includes Michigan Court Rules with hundreds of case annotations linked to full-text cases. Also includes MRPCs, AOs, and local rules.

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Understand the damages you can recover in Michigan civil cases, including personal injury, employment, civil rights, breach of contract, business tort, and real estate cases. Also covers attorney fees, interest, and equitable remedies.

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Quickly identify the limitations period that applies to your case. Organized by topic, this book summarizes and cites all significant Michigan statutes of limitations. Includes lists of appeal and court rule periods and chapters on general topics.

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Know how to introduce over 60 different types of evidence in court, including electronic evidence. Organized by type of evidence, each chapter includes the relevant MRE, caselaw, foundation requirements, and sample witness examinations.

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Essential resource for the appellate specialist or a lawyer facing a first appeal. Handle any appeal with insider practice tips and expert advice. Includes key forms, checklists and sample briefs and motions.

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Popular handbook covering the 22 most common areas of Michigan practice, from real estate to divorce, employment, probate, debt collection, ADR, and more. Each chapter summarizes the law, gives practical guidance, and includes sample forms.

Print Book with a Download of Forms | Online Book
Save time and start the case right with bullet-point summaries and complaints for more than 70 causes of action. Find primary authority, related claims, and affirmative defenses for tort, employment, business tort, contract, and real estate actions.

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ICLE's most comprehensive resource on Michigan civil procedure before and during trial. Includes in-depth summaries of the law, practical advice, and sample forms for all major topics. Written by leading Michigan judges and litigators.

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Paperback set of Michigan court rules and rules of evidence. Also includes local court rules, the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct, and a comprehensive index to the MCRs. Updated and reissued each September.

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ICLE's most comprehensive evidence resource. Includes the text of each MRE, its history, analysis of the rule with practice tips, helpful case annotations, and discussion of comparable federal rules.

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Includes all the model instructions used in civil trials in Michigan, with use notes for the judge and Committee comments. These instructions must be used as provided in MCR 2.512(D).

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Sturdy six-panel chart provides quick courtroom access to every rule of evidence and authority for common objections.

Online Book
Always have a full set of the most recent SCAO-approved court forms on your computer, ready to fill in and save, using recent versions of the Adobe Reader. Find forms quickly with user-friendly search and browse.

Make your next deposition your best with online training. Eight no-fault litigators demonstrate best practices. Hands-on exercises prepare you to take depositions, resolve problems, and depose experts. Gain new techniques and develop your winning style.

Make your next deposition your best with online training. Eight employment law lawyers demonstrate best practices. Hands-on exercises prepare you to take or defend sexual harassment-based depositions. Gain new techniques and develop your winning style.

Upcoming Seminars
Live 03/26/19
Veteran trial attorney and author teaches the key elements of effective cross: how to factually dominate the trial with substance, train witnesses, shape jurors’ perceptions, put facts in the best context, derail opposition, and ultimately win cases.

On-Demand Seminars
Presented 04/30/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Representing clients in business court requires navigation of unique administrative procedures, discovery rules, and often resolving your case in mediation.

Presented 05/31/16 | On-Demand Seminar
Litigation lawyers need to obtain and set aside defaults and default judgments as well as use or avoid dismissals. Don’t let a procedural misstep hamper your client’s case.

Presented 07/17/17 | On-Demand Seminar
Cases can be won or lost with an exhibit. Watch an expert demonstrate admitting and objecting to exhibits in an actual courtroom without leaving your office.

Presented 08/15/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Oral argument can make or break a dispositive motion. See how it's done by experts who do it every week and hear from the bench on what works and what doesn't.

Presented 07/18/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Successfully navigate summary proceedings in landlord-tenant cases. Negotiate with an in pro per tenant for a consent judgment or conditional dismissal. Conduct contested hearings and enter judgments on the record.

Presented 10/21/16 | On-Demand Seminar
Develop your best possible employment law case with a well-planned and savvy discovery strategy. Rethink how you use formal and informal discovery tools. Improve your approach to depositions and motion practice.

Presented 12/03/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Draft clear contracts that will achieve your client's goals. Avoid ambiguities that create confusion and conflict. Customize dispute resolution provisions and account for frequently litigated issues.

Presented 03/01/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Experienced litigators from several practice areas share their methods for effectively using expert witnesses and challenging those of the opposing party.

Presented 12/13/16 | On-Demand Seminar
Parties litigate when they can't otherwise resolve their disputes. Getting the most out of going to court requires a solid strategy and some time-tested techniques. Keep your case on track with practice tips from our experts.

Presented 07/24/17 | On-Demand Seminar
When you're starting out, the Michigan court system can seem daunting. Get a handle on where to file, what to do once litigation begins, and how to get your questions answered. Interact effectively with court staff and make a good impression on the judge.

Presented 04/11/17 | On-Demand Seminar
Government investigations can result in severe consequences for a corporate client - both civil and criminal. Ensure your client makes a proper disclosure, takes appropriate remedial action, and is prepared for the next step.

Presented 02/07/17 | On-Demand Seminar
Your client's day in court starts with filing a lawsuit. Before you can argue the merits of the case, you have to file the right documents, at the right time, in the right place, and serve the right defendants. Do it all correctly the first time.

Presented 02/26/16 | On-Demand Seminar
The business courts have made major changes in how commercial litigation is handled. Achieve the best result for your client using evidence-based practices, presuit mediation, and staged and proportional discovery.

Presented 12/06/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Experts guide you through every step of the trial process. Gain practical tips on preparing for trial and successfully advocating for your client. Includes a comprehensive seminar handbook that you’ll use again and again.

Presented 06/12/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Women lawyers face unique hurdles and practice experiences. Develop strategies for dealing with clients and opposing counsel, advancing your career, and changing the legal environment for the better.

Presented 04/25/17 | On-Demand Seminar
Devastating events like job loss and demotion are difficult and emotional for both the employer and the affected employee. Make strategic decisions before and during litigation and communicate effectively with your client and opposing counsel.

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