ICLE | Family Law Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Family Law Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 05/14/20) | Level: Intermediate

Parties in a divorce case are often unable to put their lives on hold during COVID-19. Family law lawyers have had to find creative solutions to keep these cases moving forward toward resolution. In this virtual seminar, our experts discuss the current state of family law practice, including parenting time, paying support when unemployed, domestic violence, and the long-term economic impacts of the pandemic.

Watch so you can:

  • Encourage clients to work out solutions using makeup parenting time and videoconferences
  • Timely file motions for support modification even if hearings are not being scheduled
  • Employ videoconference technology to resolve cases without waiting for a court hearing
  • Advise clients on compliance with lockdown orders in domestic violence situations
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Shalini Nangia and Julia Perkins talk about creating solutions for their divorce clients during the...
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