ICLE | Experts in Estate Planning: Tools and Techniques for a Prosperous Practice
Experts in Estate Planning: Tools and Techniques for a Prosperous Practice
06/19/20 Plymouth | CLE: 2.75 | Level: Basic/Intermediate
Cosponsored by the Probate and Estate Planning Section of the State Bar of Michigan
Probate & Estate Planning Certificate Program Elective Seminar

Important Notice: This is the rescheduled date, due to our response to COVID-19. (The event was originally scheduled for May 13, 2020.)

The Workshop to Maximize Efficiency, Client Satisfaction, and Profitability

Close your eyes and imagine your dream practice. If today’s reality doesn’t match your vision, then this workshop is for you! Terrence G. Quinn and Douglas A. Mielock put the “fun” in fundamentals and the “work” in workshop. You’ll be in on the action. See live demonstrations, vote for the best outcomes, and get your individual questions answered throughout the program.

Terrence and Doug share proven marketing strategies to build your brand and gain more clients. Explore the technology they use to automate their practices. Uncover simple processes that make a big difference to client satisfaction and your profitability. Terrence tested; Doug approved. Stop spinning your wheels. Start finding your ideal clients and delivering world-class service!

  • Benefits of Attending:
  • Maximize your investment in social media, newsletters and other marketing techniques
  • Spend more time in client-facing activities to generate more business
  • Produce $2,000 of revenue in just 40 minutes using automation
  • Speed your document drafting with technology that works
  • Reduce costs and improve your workflow
  • Price your services competitively and create bills that clients want to pay
  • Discover how the "circle of estate planning" enhances your long-term success
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