ICLE | Ultimate Evidence Workshop: Admitting, Impeaching, and Objecting
Ultimate Evidence Workshop: Admitting, Impeaching, and Objecting
11/21/19 Plymouth | Level: Basic/Intermediate
Cosponsored by the Litigation Section of the State Bar of Michigan

Expertly Handle Evidence in Your Next Hearing or Trial

Want to feel more at ease with evidence? Get the peace of mind you need for your next motion hearing or trial with this interactive workshop. Using real-life scenarios—and fun, game show-inspired exercises—you’ll learn the fundamentals of admitting and objecting to evidence, thinking on your feet, and putting the rules of evidence to work for you. With guidance from leading litigators and state and federal judges, you’ll walk away more confident and prepared than ever before.

Plus, all attendees receive ICLE's "Michigan Rules of Evidence and Trial Objections at a Glance"—a laminated chart for quick courtroom access to every rule of evidence and authority for common objections.

Attend and Learn to:

  • Identify various ways to lay a foundation for admitting evidence
  • Persuasively argue the relevance of a piece of evidence
  • Determine the difference between refreshing recollection and impeachment
  • Take the correct steps to qualify your expert
  • Preserve your record with appropriate objections
  • Quickly object to evidence and state the basis for each objection
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