ICLE | Commercial Real Estate in Receivership
Commercial Real Estate in Receivership
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 01/03/19) | Level: Advanced

Whether your client owns commercial real estate, has loaned money against a property, or is simply a tenant in an underwater building, the prospect of a court-ordered receivership can be intimidating. Give your client some peace of mind in the midst of the unknown by hearing from a receiver and a lawyer who represent receivers about the newly enacted Uniform Commercial Real Estate Receivership Act (UCRERA) and how these situations typically play out for all involved.

  • Assess when a debt collection scenario involving commercial real estate warrants a receivership
  • Prepare a debtor client to turn over possession and control of business owned real estate and other assets
  • Prepare a creditor client in case a bankruptcy trustee takes over control from a receiver
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Michael Almassian and Daniel Yeomans talk to Tim Dinan about the mechanics of receiverships involving...
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