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Effective attorney fee agreements are part of every profitable law practice. Get sample fee agreements and practice commentary for 13 types of matters, plus chapters on ethical requirements, practical issues in fees and billing, and collecting your fees.

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Handle construction lien disputes, or just make sure your clients follow correct procedures. Clearly explains lien priorities; creating, perfecting, and foreclosing on liens; public projects and surety bonds, and bankruptcy considerations.

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Understand the damages you can recover in Michigan civil cases, including personal injury, employment, civil rights, breach of contract, business tort, and real estate cases. Also covers attorney fees, interest, and equitable remedies.

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Popular handbook covering the 22 most common areas of Michigan practice, from real estate to divorce, employment, probate, debt collection, ADR, and more. Each chapter summarizes the law, gives practical guidance, and includes sample forms.

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Save time and start the case right with bullet-point summaries and complaints for more than 70 causes of action. Find primary authority, related claims, and affirmative defenses for tort, employment, business tort, contract, and real estate actions.

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Distilled from the authors' years of experience, this book includes excellent commercial and residential lease forms, with explanations and drafting advice. Also explains summary proceedings, other remedies, and the law regulating landlords and tenants.

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Known as the "real estate answer book," this book covers all major areas of real estate practice, from purchases, land contracts, and closings to easements, condominiums, and water interests. Includes more than 200 practice-tested forms.

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The most authoritative real property treatise in Michigan, covering all major topics related to Michigan real estate law. An excellent starting point for any real estate research question. Frequently cited by the Michigan appellate courts.

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Focused on residential purchases and sales, this practice handbook walks you through negotiating the purchase documents, financing options, handling the closing, and remedies when the deal goes sour.

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Be ready to handle any land use matter, whether your client is the municipality, developer, landowner, or a neighbor. Michigan experts analyze the law and offer practical advice.

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Experienced real property and tax attorneys lead you step by step through an assessment appeal, a classification appeal, a tax foreclosure challenge, or any other real property tax issue your client is facing.

On-Demand Seminars
Presented 03/05/19 | On-Demand Seminar
Real estate matters are often outside the skill set of business owners and managers. Guide your business clients through purchasing and leasing transactions.

Presented 01/03/19 | On-Demand Seminar
A court-ordered receivership can be intimidating. Hear from a receiver what typically happens when this remedy is employed so you can prepare your client on what to expect. Navigate the newly enacted Uniform Commercial Real Estate Receivership Act.

Presented 07/18/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Successfully navigate summary proceedings in landlord-tenant cases. Negotiate with an in pro per tenant for a consent judgment or conditional dismissal. Conduct contested hearings and enter judgments on the record.

Presented 02/10/17 | On-Demand Seminar
Advise clients on the mechanics of condominium and platted community associations. Resolve disputes between the association and the homeowners about issues including paying dues, amending governing documents and use restrictions.

Presented 05/04/17 | On-Demand Seminar
Navigate zoning and municipal approval processes and get tips to ensure due diligence. Understand what approvals are necessary for your project and how to determine the costs and time that may be needed.

Presented 05/03/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Identify the myriad ways in which federal law prohibition of marijuana affects many aspects of real estate transactions, including financing, banking, lease terms, forfeiture risks, and private RICO liability, among others.

Presented 03/09/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Understand those tricky line items on many closing statements, including tax prorations, commercial broker lien waivers, payoff letters, and transfer taxes. Become fully prepared to impress clients.

Presented 01/02/18 | On-Demand Seminar
The speed of modern real estate transactions is only picking up as land records and registration services become increasingly digitized. Keep your clients in the game with the latest register of deeds services and electronic resources.

Presented 02/21/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Advise property owners on the state and federal programs and tax incentives for agricultural, forest, and recreational land that may be available to them.

Presented 03/20/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Whether you represent government entities, developers, or landowners, property development is back in full swing. Be prepared to handle any land use dispute.

Presented 06/30/17 | On-Demand Seminar
Property transfer tax and uncapping must be considered in almost any real estate transaction. Minimizing tax liabilities is essential to fully representing your clients.

Presented 09/05/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Rival claims and clouds on the title of real property are nothing new and are not likely to go away. Advising your clients on protecting their real estate interests requires you to navigate both title insurance policies and quiet title litigation.

Presented 06/18/19 | On-Demand Seminar
Getting a real estate transaction to the closing table is challenging enough without having to make corrections after the fact. Protect your client's interests, ensure documents can be timely recorded, and ensure all taxes and fees are paid.

Presented 08/24/17 | On-Demand Seminar
Real estate transactions often require a land survey to head off potential issues. Get your client to the closing table quickly by properly using a survey to perform your due diligence.

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