ICLE | Homeward Bound 2017-2018: Opening the Closing Statement
Homeward Bound 2017-2018:
Opening the Closing Statement
03/09/18 Plymouth | On-Demand Seminar | CLE: 2.5 | Level: Basic/Intermediate
Cosponsored by the Real Property Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan

Navigate Real Estate Closing Statements with Ease

Understand those tricky line items on many closing statements, including tax prorations, commercial broker lien waivers, payoff letters, and transfer taxes. Impress clients with thorough explanations and confirm that they are getting what they need and expect.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Explain the types of escrow agreements available
  • Identify the various methodologies for property tax prorations
  • Grasp differences between the seller, buyer, and lender closing instructions
  • Ensure wired funds and wiring instructions are secure
  • Determine the key components of a seller’s residential closing disclosure
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