ICLE | Terminating an Employee
Terminating an Employee
| CLE: 0.5 | Level: Basic/Intermediate

Terminating an employee is never easy for anyone. Get insight into terminating an employee from a defense, human resources, and plaintiff's perspective. Management lawyers--counsel employer clients on how to avoid protracted litigation by asking the right questions and requiring proper documentation. Plaintiff's lawyers--identify problems in the termination time line and factors that take your case from good to great.

Watch and Be Able to:

  • Advise employers on severance and references for terminated employees
  • Use checklists to make sure an employer gets all the information--good and bad
  • Protect staff during and after firing a potentially violent employee
  • Promote mutual respect at the termination meeting to help both sides move on
  • Identify timing issues in a termination decision
Available Formats
Jennifer Lord explains what a plaintiff's lawyer thinks when an employee's alleged ongoing problems are...
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