ICLE | Divorce Settlement Agreements After Peabody
Divorce Settlement Agreements After Peabody
| CLE: 0.25 | Level: Basic/Intermediate
Cosponsored by the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan

The 2014 Peabody case changed how judgments of divorce and settlement agreements can be enforced, challenged, or amended. It is important to be aware of these new rules when advising a client on how to finalize a divorce. Our experienced panel will teach you to:

  • Explain the client’s available remedies for enforcing a judgment under the court rules as opposed to enforcing a settlement agreement as a contract
  • Compare the grounds for setting aside a judgment with the options for challenging a settlement agreement
  • Identify the differing time limits for enforcing or amending the judgment in comparison to the settlement agreement
  • Advise the client on whether merger and/or incorporation of the settlement agreement into the judgment is the better option
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Shalini Nangia explains how to enforce a nonmerged judgment of divorce after the Peabody decision....
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