ICLE | Law Firm Websites: Maximize Your Results
Law Firm Websites: Maximize Your Results
| CLE: 0.75 | Level: Basic/Intermediate

Connect with clients and create a professional web presence with your law firm website. A web designer, marketing expert, and lawyer who built her own site walk you through how to create a site that sets you apart from the competition and attracts your ideal client. Get a breakdown of the time and money that go into building your own site or hiring it out. Learn the essential design elements of successful sites, how to measure your success, and how to improve your search result rankings.

Learn to:

  • Create a professional web presence
  • Save money building your own website
  • Write client-centric marketing copy
  • Hire the right web designer
  • Improve your website's search rankings
  • Identify what "works" and what doesn't on your site
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Tifani Sadek and Brendan Chard discuss the time and money it takes to build your...
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