ICLE | Life Cycle of a Loan
Life Cycle of a Loan
| CLE: 1 | Level: Basic

Even if you don’t specialize in collections or consumer protection, you’ll likely face issues with client loans in your practice. Experts from both the debtor and creditor sides walk you through each stage of the loan process using a detailed hypothetical fact scenario to guide the discussion. Follow "Parties by Jane, LLC," and owner Jane Martin from the early stages of securing and documenting bank and personal loans through the unfortunate inevitability of bankruptcy.

Watch so you can:

  • Properly document loans to avoid problems down the line
  • Negotiate for the best workout options when a loan starts to go south
  • Advise your clients on their best course of action after default
  • Weigh individual and commercial bankruptcy alternatives
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Liz Von Eitzen, David Wolfe, and Cody Knight discuss critical aspects of loan documentation for...
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