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Print Book with a Download of Forms | Online Book
Whether you handle bankruptcy cases or just need to answer client questions, this book gives you answers. Michigan experts explain consumer and small business bankruptcy, representing debtors or creditors, and litigating in bankruptcy court.

Print Book with a Download of Forms | Online Book
Learn the best practices for collecting debts and judgments while complying with state and federal law. Explains how to file suit, investigate the debtor, handle postjudgment collections, and use garnishment and execution proceedings effectively.

Print Book with a Download of Forms | Online Book
Popular handbook covering the 22 most common areas of Michigan practice, from real estate to divorce, employment, probate, debt collection, ADR, and more. Each chapter summarizes the law, gives practical guidance, and includes sample forms.

Print Book with a Download of Forms | Online Book
Covers creating, perfecting, and enforcing security interests under Michigan's Article 9 of the UCC. Explains how to determine lien priority, and includes a chapter on other Michigan statutory liens on personal property (such as tooling and vehicles).

Online Book
This book guides you through this complex area--whether you represent the creditor or the debtor. The authors, two experienced debtor-creditor lawyers and a turnaround consultant/professional receiver, share their practical experience and advice.

On-Demand Seminars
Presented 01/18/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Postjudgment collection work requires strict adherence to acts and laws. Get solutions and strategies that comply with the law and get your client's money judgment satisfied.

Presented 01/17/17 | On-Demand Seminar
Consumer law lawyers need to recognize a potential vehicle warranty claim and advise their clients on the available remedies. Michigan's lemon law is just the beginning of this specialized but intricate area of practice.

Presented 08/17/16 | On-Demand Seminar
Adapt your practice to this year's most impactful changes to creditors' rights law. Advise clients of their options and rights in recovering a money judgment. Avoid potential violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Presented 06/07/17 | On-Demand Seminar
Representing creditors requires staying up to date on the latest regulations and best practices in debt collection. Keep your client and your firm in compliance while recovering everything they are owed.

Presented 06/21/18 | On-Demand Seminar
Adjust your practice to meet current trends in debt collection law. Stay in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and find ways to satisfy your clients' judgments.

Presented 07/19/16 | On-Demand Seminar
Family law lawyers need to enforce current and past-due child support obligations. Employ a range of enforcement strategies to ensure that your clients recover the money they need to care for their children.

Presented 02/02/16 | On-Demand Seminar
When collecting a judgment or representing a garnishee defendant, attorneys need to both serve and respond to garnishments, executions, and seizure orders. Ensure your client gets the best result and stay in compliance with state and federal requirements.

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