ICLE | Handling the Collection Case in Michigan, Fifth Edition
Handling the Collection Case in Michigan, Fifth Edition

Whether you are starting an action on an unpaid debt, pursuing collection on the judgment you just received for a client, or attempting to collect your own attorney fees, Handling the Collection Case in Michigan will explain your options and guide you through the process. With this book, written by Michigan's leading collection experts, you will be able to:

  • Discover the best way to collect before filing a lawsuit
  • Handle periodic and nonperiodic garnishments
  • Choose the best postjudgment remedy to ensure collection of hard-won judgments
  • Avoid Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations and other consumer protection claims
  • Learn your options when the debtor is in bankruptcy

Highlights of the latest update include:

  • A new section regarding discharging domestic relations obligations in bankruptcy
  • A new section summarizing statutory authority governing domestic support obligations
  • Discussion of new case evaluation rules, including revised filing periods, penalties for late filing, and the removal of sanctions provisions
  • Analysis of changes to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Discussion of statutory and court rule changes, including jurisdictional threshold for small claims court, electronic filing, and service of process on limited liability companies
  • A new form validation notice letter

482 pages, 1-volume, 7x10 paperback. Includes a download of drafted forms. Current to 01/01/22. Next update July 2023. Subscription service available.

Fully searchable and continually updated. Citations link to Michigan caselaw, statutes, and court rules. Includes online index, downloadable forms, and summary of changes. Price is for a one-year subscription.

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