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Know how to introduce over 60 different types of evidence in court, including electronic evidence. Organized by type of evidence, each chapter includes the relevant MRE, caselaw, foundation requirements, and sample witness examinations.

Everything you need to expertly handle a drunk driving case in Michigan. Clearly explains the law, including "Super Drunk Driving" charges, and covers breath and blood tests, evidentiary challenges, trial, sentencing, and license appeals.

Get the only model criminal jury instructions that provide expert practical advice from leading defense lawyers. Use the instructions and the ICLE Commentary at every stage of a criminal case.
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Michigan Model Criminal Jury Instructions with ICLE Commentary
Ray Cassar discusses how the "Michigan Model Criminal Jury Instructions with ICLE Commentary" can guide attorneys and judges through every stage of a criminal law case with its expanded and enhanced content.

Practical guide to criminal procedure in Michigan. Written by a range of experienced practitioners, this book covers issues from arrest through posttrial motions and appeals. Get quickly to the primary authority, answers, and forms you need.

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