ICLE | Michigan Family Law, Eighth Edition
Michigan Family Law, Eighth Edition
"Michigan Family Law has always been the go-to resource for family law practitioners. This new edition is even more hands-on, more practical, and more tuned to local practice. With the addition of an admirable number of forms, checklists, and motions, it is well designed to make your practice more efficient and effective."
—Hon. Marilyn J. Kelly, Bloomfield Hills

"[The] Case law [section] is very helpful. I'm actually a Judge and recommend your book as essential to all new Judges. I use it all the time and in particular on motion day to get quick answers or refresh my memory on issues."

"My favorite ICLE book is Michigan Family Law because it has superbly detailed references from very experienced family law attorneys and includes case law, statutes and forms to use for pleadings, motions, discovery, hearings, trial, consent orders, etc. It is a must-have for any attorney practicing family law."
—Rebecca Tooman, Innovative Law Services PLLC, Novi
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