ICLE | Introducing Evidence at Trial, Third Edition
Introducing Evidence at Trial, Third Edition

Learn to introduce evidence at trial with confidence. Seasoned experts show you everything you need to know to walk into the courtroom fully prepared.

With this book, you will:

  • Find the law for over 60 types of evidence, including foundation requirements and sample witness examinations
  • Understand evidentiary foundations to guide pretrial evidence gathering
  • Identify potential evidence issues before trial and plan your motions in limine
  • Know how to introduce evidence, including electronic evidence, with confidence

440 pages, 1-volume, 7x10 paperback. Current to 07/01/19. Next update January 2025. Subscription service available.

Fully searchable and continually updated. Citations link to Michigan caselaw, statutes, and court rules. Includes online index and summary of changes. Price is for a one-year subscription.

Author Michelle Thurber Czapski shares how this book helps you step by step.
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