ICLE | Michigan Real Property Law, Third Edition
Michigan Real Property Law, Third Edition

The Most Authoritative Source for Real Property Law in Michigan

This book is cited in more than 180 federal and state court opinions. With this practical and comprehensive resource on your bookshelf, you'll have:

  • Answers to every real property law question from A to Z
  • In-depth coverage of Michigan real property cases and statutes
  • Expert analysis of the law by one of Michigan's leading real property experts
  • A comprehensive starting point for research on any real property law issue

Highlights of the latest supplement include:

  • Statutory updates to the Marketable Record Title Act, the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, the Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Act, the Land Bank Fast Track Act, and more
  • U.S. Supreme Court cases on the Clean Water Act and the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment in connection with tax foreclosures
  • Michigan Supreme Court cases about the principal residence exemption, usury interest rates, and the exclusionary rule as applied to civil zoning matters
  • Sixth Circuit cases involving tax foreclosures, due process, and equal protection issues, including zoning and property rights
  • Court of appeals cases concerning tax assessment appeals, residential use, redeeming property after a sheriff’s sale, construction liens, zoning, and more

3242 pages, 2-volume, 6x9 hardbound. Current to 07/01/23. Next update October 2024. Subscription service available.

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