ICLE | Court Rules of Michigan Annotated
Court Rules of Michigan Annotated

This online-only product includes the full text of the Michigan Court Rules along with hundreds of ICLE-curated case annotations, added as the courts issue opinions. Browse or search to find the most current version of each court rule, along with links to amending orders redlining changes made.

You’ll save time finding:

  • The exact rule or subrule you're looking for with the help of a comprehensive, hyperlinked index
  • On-point case annotations to bolster your arguments, motions, and briefs
  • Hyperlinks to the full text of Michigan Supreme Court and Michigan Court of Appeals opinions included in the annotations

This online book also includes the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct, Code of Judicial Conduct, Rules Concerning the State Bar of Michigan, Rules for the Board of Law Examiners, Administrative Orders of the Supreme Court, and Local Court Rules.

Includes complete MCRs with hundreds of carefully organized case annotations, as well as MREs, MRPCs, administrative orders, and local court rules. Online edition is fully searchable and continually updated with court rule amendments and new caselaw annotations. Citations link to the full text of Michigan primary law. Includes a comprehensive online index that links right to the subrule. Price is for a one-year subscription.

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