ICLE | Land Contract Drafting, Disputes, and Remedies
Land Contract Drafting, Disputes, and Remedies
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 07/24/23) | Level: Intermediate

Delve into land contract complexities, including relevant terms to include in a land contract and how to avoid potential problems between the seller and buyer. Explore financing issues that may arise, such as when the seller mortgages the property. Our experts will also guide you through the forfeiture and foreclosure process, identifying relevant timelines, causes of action, and notice requirements. Tune in to:

  • Recognize common land contract pitfalls to proactively prevent issues from arising
  • Master the steps of the forfeiture summary proceedings process
  • Assess whether to use a forfeiture or foreclosure
Available Formats
Attend online at your convenience. Includes individual access to electronic materials for three years. These may include written materials, a PDF of the presentation, and any video or audio recordings.
Stephen McKenney and Matthew Turchyn discuss land contracts, including required terms, proceedings, processes, and remedies....
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