ICLE | Land Use Update 2022
Land Use Update 2022
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 04/04/22) | Level: Intermediate

In this year's Land Use Update, our experts examine recent case law involving the Zoning Enabling Act (ZEA), municipal enforcement, local ordinances regulating billboards, Fifth Amendment takings, and sand and gravel mining. Whether you represent property owners or municipalities, your clients need you to stay informed of the latest developments, including the following:

  • Statute of limitations and evidentiary issues in municipal enforcement actions
  • First Amendment limitations and municipal regulation of billboards
  • Local tree preservation regulations and regulatory takings jurisprudence
  • Determination of whether a property owner is an aggrieved party under the ZEA
  • Municipal regulation of sand and gravel mining
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Lisa Hamameh explains the court of appeals decision in Ansell v Delta Planning Comm'n, 332...
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