ICLE | Handle Claims for Excess Sale Proceeds of Tax Foreclosed Property
Handle Claims for Excess Sale Proceeds of Tax Foreclosed Property
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 08/03/21) | Level: Advanced

In Rafaeli, LLC v Oakland Cty, the supreme court held that owners of tax foreclosed properties had a vested right in the surplus proceeds, even after title to the property vested with the county. Michigan has codified the holding in Rafaeli by amending the General Property Tax Act to provide a process for former interest holders to claim proceeds remaining from the sale of the property. Our experts discuss the time line and provide tips to protect your client's interests.

Watch so you can:

  • Work with county treasurers for delinquent property tax payment plans
  • Investigate the title history and assess the client's interests in the property
  • Adhere to the time line set out in the statute
  • Litigate the claim for excess proceeds effectively
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Luke Middleton and Kevin Smith discuss critical deadlines and details when filing Form 5743 to...
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