ICLE | Handle Psychological Issues in the Workplace
Handle Psychological Issues in the Workplace
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 03/28/18) | Level: Intermediate

Mental health conditions affect the workplace in some of the same ways physical disabilities do, but they may not be as easily recognized or understood. Many mental health conditions qualify for protection under various laws. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) often apply, but other federal and state laws can also be implicated. Help clients navigate through legal issues when mental disabilities present in the workplace.

Watch so you can:

  • Recognize when FMLA or ADA regulations apply
  • Advise employer clients on the legal rights of workers with mental disabilities
  • Avoid common mistakes made when dealing with an FMLA leave request
  • Guide employer clients through the interactive process after an accommodation request
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Attend online at your convenience. Includes individual on-demand access to video recordings, written materials, and PowerPoints for three years.
Kerry Cahill, Jennifer Lord, and Emily Petroski talk about reasonable accommodations under the Americans with...
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