ICLE | Microsoft Excel® for Lawyers
Microsoft Excel® for Lawyers
04/05/18 Plymouth | On-Demand Seminar | Level: Basic

Put Spreadsheets to Work in Your Law Office

Learn powerful ways that Excel can improve your work product and make your life easier. Produce flawless fiduciary accountings, amortization schedules, real estate closing statements, disbursement schedules, medical bill summaries, and graphical representations of data. We'll also cover many useful formulas.

Plus, take home an authoritative handbook, full of screenshots and specific steps, as an invaluable resource for when you return to the office.

Learn to:

  • Format worksheets and get them to print correctly
  • Save time managing lists
  • Move information directly from a spreadsheet to Word
  • Create perfect pie charts and bar graphs
  • Master formulas to better analyze critical data
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