ICLE | Wrongful Discharge and Retaliation Litigation
Wrongful Discharge and Retaliation Litigation
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 04/25/17) | Level: Basic

Devastating events like job loss and demotion are difficult and emotional for both the employer and the affected employee. In order to litigate these complicated cases, you need to prepare your clients for coming litigation and make strategic decisions about claims and defenses, discovery, ADR, and motion practice. You also need to communicate effectively with opposing counsel at each stage of the process, and manage client expectations about the cost, timeline, and consequences of litigation.

  • Help parties prepare for anticipated litigation
  • Assess the costs and benefits of taking on a case
  • Conduct effective discovery and strategically seek early resolution
  • Draft and respond to dispositive motions
  • Advise clients on avoiding future disputes
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Daimeon Cotton and Katy Wood discuss the emotional nature of employment cases and how to...
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