ICLE | Improve Your Productivity with Alexa and Google Assistant
Improve Your Productivity with Alexa and Google Assistant
| Level: Intermediate

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Echo Dot was Amazon's best-selling item. In that same time frame, Google sold a Google Home device every second. While these smart devices have been promoted for use in the home, there are many other features that could increase productivity in a law office. Use a smart device to track your time and manage your calendar. Tell your smart device to start a video conference or turn on the office coffee maker.

Bringing a smart device into the office, however, may create some ethical dilemmas for a lawyer. Our experts will discuss how to balance what may be the conflicting duties of confidentiality with tech competency. Get some tips on how to minimize the security and privacy issue risks, while harnessing this technology to increase the efficiency of your law office.

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Odey Meroueh and Jeff Kirkey discuss ethical issues to watch out for when using smart...
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