ICLE | Michigan Basic Practice Handbook, Sixth Edition
Michigan Basic Practice Handbook, Sixth Edition

22 Key Legal Topics at Your Fingertips

When you need basic Michigan law and practical how-to advice for a wide range of subjects, this book can’t be beat. The set covers Michigan court procedure plus the core concepts in major practice areas. Whether you are a new lawyer who isn’t yet sure which areas you’ll practice in or an experienced lawyer who needs to answer questions outside your usual practice area, this book is a vital resource and will help you be able to:

  • Ask the right questions in planning estates and draft the basic documents
  • Follow a step-by-step guide to handling divorce cases
  • Understand landlords' and tenants' rights and how to enforce them
  • Handle a traffic offense, including a drunk driving case, from start to finish
  • Manage common issues in major practice areas

Highlights of the latest update include:

  • New court decisions covering medical malpractice, numerous family law issues, juvenile sentencing, worker's compensation, discovery sanctions, and more
  • Michigan Court Rule amendments concerning contact information, appeals, videoconferencing technology, and more
  • Several amendments to the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act and the Michigan Vehicle Code
  • New information on consumer debt validation notices
  • Updated 2023 minimum wage amounts and other employment law and worker's compensation developments
  • Updated 2023 cost-of-living adjustments and eligibility limits for estate planners, as well as updated SCAO pleading requirements

2248 pages, 2-volume, 7x10 paperback. Includes a download of forms. Current to 08/01/23. Next update October 2024. Subscription service available.

Fully searchable and continually updated. Citations link to Michigan caselaw, statutes, and court rules. Includes online index, downloadable forms, and summary of changes. Price is for a one-year subscription.

Author A. Michelle Lane shares how this book helps new and experienced practitioners.