Homeward Bound 2017-2018
Presented 01/02/18 |
The speed of modern real estate transactions is only picking up as land records and registration services become increasingly digitized. Keep your clients in the game with the latest register of deeds services and electronic resources.

Presented 02/21/18 |
Advise property owners on the state and federal programs and tax incentives for agricultural, forest, and recreational land that may be available to them.

Presented 03/09/18 | On-Demand Webcast
Understand those tricky line items on many closing statements, including tax prorations, commercial broker lien waivers, payoff letters, and transfer taxes. Become fully prepared to impress clients.

Presented 05/03/18 | On-Demand Webcast
Identify the myriad ways in which federal law prohibition of marijuana affects many aspects of real estate transactions, including financing, banking, lease terms, forfeiture risks, and private RICO liability, among others.

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