ICLE | Expungements and Clean Slate Legislation
Expungements and Clean Slate Legislation
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 06/28/21) | Level: Intermediate

The clean slate legislation has made it easier to have certain felony and misdemeanor convictions expunged automatically after a certain time or by application. A prosecutor and a defense lawyer break down the statute and provide practical advice.

Watch so you can:

  • Advise your clients on the offences eligible for clean slate expungement
  • Distinguish which offenses are expunged automatically versus which require application
  • Examine whether a client should wait for an automatic expungement
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Attend online at your convenience. Includes individual on-demand access to video recordings, written materials, and PowerPoints for three years.
Chris Anderson and Stephen Milks discuss the pros and cons of applying for a set-aside...
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