ICLE | The New Open and Obvious Doctrine
The New Open and Obvious Doctrine
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 10/02/23) | Level: Basic

Overruling decades of precedent, the Michigan Supreme Court held in Kandil-Elsayed v F&E Oil, Inc, Nos 162907, 163430, ___ Mich ___, ___ NW2d ___ (July 28, 2023), that the open and obvious doctrine relates to questions of breach and comparative fault and not to duty. This shift will have ripple effects for those bringing and defending premises liability claims and beyond. Get expert insights so you can adjust your litigation strategies and advise clients effectively. Watch so you can:

  • Identify key components of the new framework
  • Get insights on retroactivity and issues left open
  • Adjust your arguments for maximum impact
  • Advise business and property owners
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Attorneys Chad Engelhardt and Chris Desmond provide advice for plaintiff and defense counsel after Kandil-Elsayed....
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