ICLE | Handle Medicare and Medicaid Liens
Handle Medicare and Medicaid Liens
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 03/06/23) | Level: Intermediate

With the option for limited personal protection insurance (PIP) benefits now available to Michigan residents, resolving Medicaid and Medicare liens is more important than ever. This seminar covers filing a claim, disputing unrelated charges, and appealing a final decision. Also hear expert practice tips on how to ensure that a claim is properly processed, that any disputes are quickly reviewed, and what language to include in a settlement agreement once the underlying case is resolved.

Watch so you can:

  • Understand how to best approach and organize a case with a Medicaid or Medicare lien
  • Hear practical tips on how to efficiently dispute unrelated charges
  • Know what terms and language to include in a settlement agreement to protect your client
Available Formats
Attend online at your convenience. Includes individual access to electronic materials for three years. These may include written materials, a PDF of the presentation, and any video or audio recordings.
Marcy Spitz and Jeffrey Bussell provide practical tips to resolve Medicaid and Medicare liens in...
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