ICLE | SORA and CSC Update 2021
SORA and CSC Update 2021
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 10/18/21) | Level: Intermediate

Keep yourself up to date on the Sex Offenders Registration Act (SORA) with the most relevant state and federal court opinions and statutory changes. Advise your clients on available challenges to the 2011 and 2021 SORA amendments. Get practice tips for pretrial and trial strategies and avoid pitfalls when defending criminal sexual conduct cases.

Watch so you can:

  • Anticipate issues facing your clients based on the current state of SORA
  • Identify potential defenses and constitutional challenges to the 2021 amendments to SORA
  • Develop pretrial strategies to assist clients facing criminal sexual conduct charges
  • Assist your client with a petition for removal from the sex offender registry
Available Formats
Attend online at your convenience. Includes individual access to electronic materials for three years. These may include written materials, a PDF of the presentation, and any video or audio recordings.
Lisa Kirsch Satawa and Miriam Aukerman discuss pretrial strategy in criminal sexual conduct cases involving SORA....
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