ICLE | Drafting an Estate Plan for an Estate Under $5 Million (September 2021)
Drafting an Estate Plan for an Estate Under $5 Million (September 2021)
09/14/21 Livestream | CLE: 5.25 | Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Cosponsored by the Probate and Estate Planning Section of the State Bar of Michigan

Expert Guidance for Critical Drafting

Understand the best solutions to typical issues found in drafting for an estate under $5 million. In this unique livestreamed workshop, participants work in groups to plan and present their solutions to a hypothetical case study. A leading probate law practitioner guides discussion, critiques each group, and lectures on selected topics. Everyone receives a complete set of faculty-drafted sample documents.

Limited to 27 participants, this workshop delivers focused faculty attention and the opportunity to hear from your colleagues.

This workshop is limited to Probate & Estate Planning Certificate Program participants and requires advanced preparation.*

Don’t want to attend via livestream? You can join us in March and receive the same great training in person.

Available Formats
Watch online on a specific date/time via Zoom or other video conferencing platform. May also be recorded and available afterward on demand.
*Prepare in advance with seminar materials available on the ICLE website four weeks before your seminar. You will receive e-mail notification of when the materials are available online.

POLICY INFO: You must be a part of the Probate & Estate Planning Certificate Program (PCP) to attend. The workshop fulfills the limited-enrollment requirement for the PCP. Before attending, registrants must have completed the following seminars: Fundamentals of Estate Planning, Planning Techniques for the Taxable Estate, and Fundamentals of Estate Administration.
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