ICLE | Administrative Hearings Before the MDHHS: An Interactive Workshop
Administrative Hearings Before the MDHHS: An Interactive Workshop
10/21/21 Livestream | CLE: 2.5 | Level: Intermediate

Your Complete Guide to MDHHS Administrative Hearings

Using a true-to-life case study, explore how to effectively prepare for and win a Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) administrative hearing. Effectively use MOAHR and MDHHS rules and procedures to establish your claim, then watch the case unfold in a mock hearing. Experts provide feedback and send you away with a sample hearing brief.

Special offer—this event is free to current subscribers of ICLE’s Elder Law Certificate Program. Call ICLE for promo code.

You Will Be Able to:

  • Review key MOAHR and MDHHS procedural rules and policies
  • Identify evidence you’ll use to support your arguments to the ALJ
  • Decide when and how to request a hearing
  • Formulate your cross-examination strategy for answering MDHHS’s evidence
  • Prepare an opening statement and present your evidence
Available Formats
Watch online on a specific date/time via Zoom or other video conferencing platform. May also be recorded and available afterward on demand.