ICLE | Draft and Negotiate Contracts
Draft and Negotiate Contracts
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 12/03/18) | Level: Intermediate
Cosponsored by the Business Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan

Draft clear contracts that will achieve your client's goals. Examine client priorities and any potential deal breakers. Identify the proper parties to a contract. Avoid ambiguities that create confusion and conflict. Customize dispute resolution provisions and account for frequently litigated issues. Negotiate and include key provisions and define breach.

Watch so you can:

  • Get foundational information from client and other parties
  • Eliminate ambiguities and inconsistencies
  • Strategize and negotiate the duration and termination of the contract
  • Consider limitations of liability provisions
  • Clearly identify breach and immediate next steps
  • Exclude legalese
Available Formats
T. L. Summerville, Joe Vernon, and Jaye Quadrozzi discuss the use of a nondisparagement clause...
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