ICLE | Drunk and Drugged Driving Update 2017
Drunk and Drugged Driving Update 2017
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 09/19/17) | CLE: 0.5 | Level: Intermediate

Defense of drug and alcohol related driving offenses continues to evolve as the use of other intoxicants becomes a more significant part of the practice. Statutory changes to field sobriety tests, the expanded scope of enforcement under People v Rea, and the use of drug recognition experts (DREs) are all adding complication and nuance to this area of law.

  • Advise clients on how to properly transport medical marijuana
  • Identify improper sobriety testing procedures in police videos
  • Develop new defenses to the expanded scope of drunk driving enforcement
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Jeff Crampton and Dan Larin talk to Tim Dinan about the ramifications of the Michigan...
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