ICLE | The Basics of No-Fault Practice
The Basics of No-Fault Practice
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 11/01/16) | CLE: 0.75 | Level: Basic

No-fault cases currently occupy a large part of court dockets. Even if you don't practice in this area, one of your clients has likely still been impacted by one of these matters. You will be able to more fully advise your client by knowing the basics of the No-Fault Act including the types of available claims and how typical no-fault cases move through the courts.

  • Distinguish between first- and third-party claims
  • Assess when an injury becomes an impairment
  • Identify when facilitation and arbitration are preferable to trial
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ICLE's Rachael Taylor talks to Ronald Sangster and Jordan Jones about reviewing a PIP claim...
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