ICLE | No-Fault Summit, 3rd Annual
No-Fault Summit, 3rd Annual
04/28/16 Plymouth | CLE: 8 | Level: Basic/Intermediate/Advanced

Advocate Effectively with Expert Insight

Get practical help delivering the results your no-fault clients demand. Whichever side of the law you practice, join Michigan’s no-fault community for two engaging days. Gain new perspectives by hearing from diverse experts: trial court judges, insurance professionals, and plaintiff and defense lawyers. Improve your skills in fighting fraudulent PIP claims, medical record review, electronic discovery, and more. And connect with 400+ professionals—a great problem-solving resource.

Experts share their insights:

  • Apply Bahri to your case with analysis of how it is best used to both dismiss fraudulent PIP claims and thwart insurance company arguments of fraud
  • Review medical records with insight on where to glean evidence, explanation of common medical terms, and identification of the key components of any record
  • Use tech tools to track the digital footprint of your client, witness, or opposing party, and learn strategies to get the evidence into trial
  • Apply expert tactics in your next cross-examination or deposition
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Attend in person. Networking opportunities.

Individual access to online materials.
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