ICLE | Tax Law Series: Tax Aspects of Divorce
Tax Law Series:
Tax Aspects of Divorce
| CLE: 1 | Level: Basic/Intermediate
Cosponsored by the Taxation Section of the State Bar of Michigan

Divorce settlements can have hidden negative tax consequences for your client. Avoid unexpected asset allocation tax consequences, ensure proper tax planning for property and alimony payments, and understand how taxes impact a business valuation.

Watch and Learn to:

  • Identify and address spousal support tax issues
  • Divide retirement accounts fairly
  • Handle tax aspects of the sale of the principal residence
  • Identify who is entitled to tax exemptions (and how to divide them)
  • Achieve favorable tax treatment when distributing a business's value
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Charles Esser and Joe Cunningham discuss the tax consequences of dividing business assets in divorce....
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