ICLE | Veterans Treatment Courts
Veterans Treatment Courts
| CLE: 0.5 | Level: Basic

Michigan is home to over 750,000 veterans, some of whom get caught up in the criminal justice system due to service-related illnesses or disorders. Increasingly, Veterans Treatment Courts offer a team approach to address veterans' particular medical and emotional needs. Criminal defense lawyers must be able to assess a client's veteran status, understand the available benefits and services, and decide when treatment court participation is the best option.

Watch So You Can:

  • Determine a client's veteran status and associated benefits and services
  • Spot red flags that could jeopardize benefits for your client and their dependents
  • Assess Veterans Treatment Court as an option for your criminal client
  • Identify agencies and resources offering assistance to veterans
Available Formats
Panelists discuss consequences of noncompliance with veterans court programs and the effect incarceration has on benefits....
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