ICLE | Running Your Criminal Defense Practice
Running Your Criminal Defense Practice
| CLE: 0.75 | CAP Credit: 1* | Level: Basic/Intermediate

To run a successful criminal defense practice, you need to attract and retain clients, make money, and be financially secure. Our experts share how to get new clients from an expanded referral base. Build trust with clients and communicate effectively. Avoid potential ethical quagmires that can tank your reputation with clients, colleagues, and the court. Earn a profit and be financially secure in your practice.

Watch so that you can:

  • Screen clients to get paid
  • Establish and maintain excellent client relationships
  • Avoid mistakes that could destroy your reputation
  • Manage difficult clients
  • Use court appointments to build your business
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*Check with your county administrator to confirm whether online webcasts can count toward your CAP requirements.
Ray Cassar and Mary Chartier talk about what not to say when the judge asks...
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