ICLE | Handling Contract Disputes
Handling Contract Disputes
| CLE: 0.75 | Level: Basic/Intermediate
Cosponsored by the Business Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan

Get an advantage to help you win your next contract case. Adapt your practice to the most recent shareholder litigation updates, bolster your breach of contract case with tort claims, and defend clients who personally guaranteed a loan.

Watch and Learn to:

  • Anticipate ADR opportunities and challenges early in your case
  • Change your litigation strategy after Madugula v Taub
  • Recognize when violation of a shareholder agreement constitutes oppression
  • Challenge opposing counsel's improper tort claim
  • Identify litigation opportunities when reviewing loan documents
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Doug Toering, Jaye Quadrozzi, and Joe Grekin identify when presuit mediation works to your advantage...
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