Custody, Parenting Time, and Support Through Judgment
Custody, Parenting Time, and Support Through Judgment

Quickly Learn Best Approaches to Tough Custody Issues

Effectively counsel, negotiate, and litigate with online training. Distinguish yourself with a certificate of completion.

Watch 12 successful judges and litigators manage the pretrial phase, navigate local FOC practices, present proofs at trial, and more. Practice with 20+ hands-on exercises—cover everything from calculating support to understanding jurisdictional differences and presenting evidence. Get expert answers with commentary. No matter how many cases you’ve handled, gain new perspectives and take away best practices.

You Will Be Able to:

  • Develop an effective case theme that reflects children’s best interests
  • Discern county differences by asking the right questions
  • Accurately determine and explain support calculations
  • Know when to opt in or out of FOC
  • Achieve the best custody and parenting time plan with mediation
  • Efficiently draft motions, orders, and trial briefs
  • Properly prepare for pretrial FOC hearings
  • Elicit testimony and present evidence on best interests factors
  • And more
CERTIFICATE. Earned entirely online. Self-paced training leading to a certificate of completion. Includes video instruction and demonstrations, guided self-assessments, and downloadable forms. Price is for an individual one-year subscription.
See judges and litigators demonstrate best approaches to custody issues.