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How to Use On-Demand Seminars

What’s Included

On-Demand Seminars allow you to watch a video recording of a seminar (if available), view and print materials, and download an audio file. You can

  • qualify for ICLE certificate program credit and
  • possibly qualify for MCLE credit (check with your state).

How to Find an On-Demand Seminar

  • You can find any on-demand seminar available for purchase in the STORE under SEMINARS. You can search, browse by practice area, or VIEW SEMINAR CALENDAR.
  • An on-demand seminar that you purchase will be listed under My Seminars under MY TOOLBAR or MY ACCOUNT for 90 days from posting.
  • Every on-demand seminar to which you have access will appear in any search or browse under MY RESOURCES.
  • Every on-demand seminar to which you have access will also appear under On-Demand Seminars under RESOURCE TYPE.
  • When you search for seminars both in the STORE and in MY RESOURCES, you can view results either by Relevance or by Date.

See Seminar Policies for more information.

Minimum System Requirements for On-Demand Seminars

ICLE uses HTML5 to deliver On-Demand Seminars. To view these presentations you will need to have a web browser capable of supporting HTML5.

Asking a Question

If an on-demand seminar has a discussion forum, you will see a POST A COMMENT link on the seminar homepage. You can review past comments by scrolling down to Past Comments.

Getting the Seminar Materials

The written materials are displayed for each topic as you view the seminar.

You can print the materials by clicking PRINT.

If a speaker has PowerPoint slides available, a POWERPOINT link will be visible.

Listening to Audio Only

Click MP3 to play or download an MP3 recording of the seminar.

You’ll need one of the following players to listen to an MP3 file:

Earning ICLE Certificate Program or MCLE Credit

You can receive ICLE Certificate Program credit for watching some ICLE seminars online. See ICLE's Certificate Program requirements for more information.

ICLE does not guarantee that our On-Demand Seminars will qualify for MCLE credit in your state and will not submit any information to your state regarding MCLE credit for an on-demand seminar. Check with your state before registering. Some seminars are not eligible due to the differing lengths of the various topic discussions.

To earn credit for an on-demand seminar:

  • Check to make sure CLE is being offered.
  • A single letter will appear in the player window periodically throughout the video. Record each letter as you watch. You must watch the entire seminar to receive credit.
  • After you have watched the entire seminar, click on EVALUATE from the seminar homepage and complete the seminar evaluation.
  • Click on CREDIT to enter the letters you have recorded in the credit code field and click SUBMIT.
  • A certificate of completion will open, which you can print for your records.

Need more help? Contact ICLE at icle@umich.edu or call 877-229-4350 Monday–Friday 8:00am–5:00pm.