ICLE | Primer on MI Choice Waiver Program
Primer on MI Choice Waiver Program
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 05/08/18) | Level: Intermediate

MI Choice Waiver has extraordinary potential to meet an older client's long-term need for support and services. If eligible for the MI Choice Waiver, your older clients may remain in their own home or other residential setting and receive services like those provided by nursing homes. Our experts will share strategies for navigating the priority categories and waiting lists, work with waiver agents to address the client's changing needs, and appeal when necessary.

Watch so you can:

  • Explain the MI Choice Waiver to your clients
  • Advise on general eligibility requirements
  • Coordinate assessments
  • Master what is available to people who are eligible for MI Choice Waiver
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Amir Abu-Aita, Alison Hirschel, and Patricia Dudek discuss the MI Choice Waiver Program and ombuds....
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