ICLE | Handling a Worker's Compensation Case
Handling a Worker's Compensation Case
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 07/07/16) | CLE: 1 | Level: Basic

Be prepared to analyze, process, and resolve your next worker's compensation case. Interview your client to get all the information you need to analyze the claim and decide whether to file. Create an overarching strategy to guide your representation. Select the most beneficial resolution, including withdrawing, entering into a voluntary payment agreement, redeeming liability, or proceeding to trial.

Watch So You Can:

  • Identify exceptions to the exclusive remedy rule
  • Analyze a potential worker’s compensation claim
  • Avoid mistakes when filing a claim
  • Prepare and defend a case
  • Arrive at the best resolution for your client
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Mark Long, Cameron McComb, and Steven Pollok discuss some of the unique aspects of worker's...
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